Take a ride in Brandenburg

Hire performance road bike in Berlin!

Rent performance road bicycle on your next trip
to Berlin and Brandenburg

At Aspire Cycling we rent only carbon road bicycles made by Canyon. Our selection of

bikes combines outstanding riding performance with amazing comfort! Our road bikes

are UNISEX and we have a selection of saddles to cater to different riders. You can see

all of our bikes and offers on ‘our bikes‘ page


From 25 €/Day
The Endurace CF is a brilliant mix between comfort and
performance. Equipped with Shimano Ultegra 11s groupset.

Give yourself the gift of convenience

Bring your passion for road biking when you visit Berlin and Brandenburg! 

All you need are your bike shoes and clothing. We will take care of the rest.

We have carbon Canyon road bicycles and a selection of pedals, saddles, helmets.

You can even purchase one of our cool and very high quality Aspire jerseys

to make every ride an Aspire ride!

We will work to your schedule to deliver our performance bike to your hotel or residence. 

We are fully committed to make your cycling experience in Berlin unforgettable!


Choose you racing bike


Where would you like to get it


Don’t forget your helmet, bike
shoes, jersey and bibs


We will fit the bike, bring it to you
and pick it up when you are done

Freedom to explore beyond the city limits —
by yourself or on a group tour

Berlin isn’t just the Wall, or the Brandenburg gate or innumerable museums. Berlin is hundreds of kilometres of gorgeous countryside, with palaces and castles and forests and lakes and hills and farms. Aspire Cycling gives you a chance to broaden your Berlin experience and really get a sense of what this area is all about. Please explore our carefully selected and tested road bike routes here: www.berlinroadcycling.com

In addition to renting great carbon performance road bikes, we also provide guided tours - either to individual riders or to groups. We offer tours of varying lengths and destinations for anyone who does not want to spend extra time looking for routes around Berlin but would rather focus on great biking. All relevant information can be found at http://aspirecycling.de/rides
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