The Eastern Gem of the Brandenburg cycling

Tour start: Bahnhof in Frankfurt am Oder — yes there is a second Frankfurt in Germany — on the border with Poland.
Tour finish: S-Bahnhof Bernau — a suburb of Berlin

Ride distance: 147km, of which about 90 km is along the former border control road on the German side of the Oder river. Much of it is now closed to cars, with those areas that are still open having very little traffic. Perfect road surface throughout!

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of the landscapes that cyclists are treated to during this fantastic ride. Not just the landscapes, but many wildlife spices can be spotted on this route. We saw hares, deer, storks, and raccoons, to name just a few. The quiet, unobtrusive nature with only the sound of the wind, birds and bike wheels spinning on the pavement.
Do not forget to stop for a lunch at Zollbrucke — a nice local cafe with a selection of fish, game and vegetarian dishes.
Once the road veers away from the rive, riders pass through Oderberg — which greets you with unexpected hills. The landscape changes from being very flat to a Tuscan-like hilly terrain with turns, challenging climbs and fast descends surrounded by a beautiful forest. It eventually leads to one of the most amazing engineering constructions in Brandenburg — the Niederfinow boat lift — which elevates vessels as high as 35 meters. Quite a colossal construction moving 4300 tons of water and vessels from the Oder to the Havel river.
Soon after this Colossus, the road takes a 8% ascent for about 900m climbing to Hochenfinow. From there, the road flattens again with gentle climbs and descents among the pristine fields with lucern, windmills and sparse villages until it reaches Bernau — a pretty city that is worth a visit on its own, if not after a 150k ride)
Practical information:
1) Trains from Berlin to Frankfurt am Oder run every hour. They have special compartments for travellers with bicycles. They can be boarded at many central stations. The timetable can be seen here: Travel time from Berlin Alexanderplatz to Frankfurt is a bit over 1 hour.
2) ticket costs €10 per person and €3.30 per bike -do not forget to stamp your tickets before you board the train.
3) S-Bahn ticket on S-Bahn Bernau should be bought for zone ABC and price per person is €3.30 and per bike is €1.90.


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