Berlin Road Cycling


As we continue to expand Aspire Cycling’s service offerings to cater to the needs of serious bike enthusiasts, we are proud to announce our new site dedicated to promoting road biking in and around Berlin and Brandenburg. We have compiled our riding experiences into a one-stop site where you can get great route ideas for your next biking adventure. Each route is based on our own experience and they are categorised by the length of time that you have to bike — from one hour to a full day.
All of our routes are built using the Komoot application for the iPhone and Android platforms ( We have tested many bike navigation apps and found Komoot to be the best product on the market targeted at bikers. The app takes into account unpaved roads and will lay out routes to avoid any surface unsuitable for road bikes. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play  and then transfer our routes into the app.
As the new biking season kicks off, we will continue to expand and update the site to include new routes and recommendations. We hope that you will find our efforts useful. Keep biking!
Yours Alex and Ilya

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