Aspire Cycling quality statement

As our business expands, we would like to take this opportunity to explain the driving force behind our business concept and what we are striving to build. Our idea has always centered on a commitment to provide exceptional service to road cycling enthusiasts who travel to Berlin, either for business or leisure. We always asked ourselves, what would we appreciate most as customers and road cycling enthusiasts, and the answers to these questions served as the foundation for our business and our approach. In essence, we agreed that convenience and customer satisfaction would be the core of everything that we do and that the Aspire Cycling name would be synonymous with “Exceptional Quality and Convenience.”

We want to share with you what that means for us and our clients.

1) We are the only providers of high-end road bikes for rent in Berlin. All of our bikes are from Canyon, carbon frame, new and in perfect working order — always! We do not rent bikes we would not ride ourselves.
2) Delivery. We deliver and pick-up our bikes directly to our clients, thus saving them time and the hassle of having to get to and from a rental shop.
3) ‘Ride like a pro’ concept. Everyone knows that pro cyclists have their bikes undergo post ride servicing by professional mechanics. Bikes get washed, checked for integrity, brakes are checked for wear and reliability, bearings are inspected for wear and chains get washed and lubed — in other words, everything that makes a racing bike — A RACING BIKE. Thus, every time a pro cyclist gets on his/her bike — they know that the bike is in perfect working condition. We do this with every single one of our bikes after EVERY SIGNLE RENTAL. Before any of our bikes are delivered to a client, they get the same treatment as pro bikes, so you never have to wonder if it is fit to ride at the highest level.
4) ‘Fit to our clients’ parameters» concept. We fit the bike to the client. We ask each client to provide his/her measurements, or bike dimensions. We adjust each bike to each individual riders’ requirements, assuring a comfortable and confident ride.
5) ‘Extra equipment at no additional cost’. We include additional equipment at no extra cost to our clients in our rental price. Every bike comes with spare tube, bike tools, pump, pedals and bottle cages. We even include our pro-style Aspire Cycling bottle with each order — new every time.
6) ‘Flexibility’. We are extremely flexible and adapt our schedule to our clients’. We work 7 days a week and deliver bikes at all hours to make sure that our clients get them when it is most convenient for them.

We are extremely proud of the quality of our bikes and the uncompromising quality of our service. We would challenge you to find a similar service offering. We also know that our clients appreciate our dedication and our effort — we see this in every post-rental feedback you are kind enough to leave us on our social media pages and we sincerely thank you for your kind words.

We will continue to do everything in our power to provide the highest quality of equipment and service that we can. We expect nothing less from our selves and we love road cycling too much to be able to compromise our standards.

We hope that this short missive will give you better insight into what you get when you rent from Aspire Cycling and what we put in to each and every one of our rentals.

Respectfully yours,

Aspire Cycling


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