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Berlin is a famous cycling city. After Copenhagen and Amsterdam, it is probably considered Europe’s most cycling friendly city. So when my wife suggested a half term break with the children to Germany’s capital (and largest) city, I was definitely up for it.

However schlepping a bike box around on the S-bahn is not my idea of fun, especially with two incredibly heavy suitcases full of children’s clothes and enough winter layers to ensure that my arms are now a couple of centimetres longer. So it seemed like bike rental was the only option.

Much to my surprise, a pretty extensive search of the Interweb found me only one option for renting a decent quality road bike in Berlin. A few forums seemed to suggest that some of the more boutique vintage bike sellers could also rent for the day but follow up calls and emails to these shops left me discovering that they had either gone out of business or had stopped the business of bike hire. However, if I wanted to rent a push bike or a fat tired clunker, I had about 40 places to choose from.

Aspire Cycling was the only company I could find that rented road bikes in Berlin. There didn’t seem to be a lot of feedback about them and the prices seemed slightly high, at 65 euros a day (I only really wanted to rent for one day as there was an organised ride via the Rapha Berlin pop up that I had been invited to join and the management was keen for me to focus on the holiday!). So I went on to their website, chose the Endurance Canyon CF9.0 (as opposed to the top of the range Ultimate CF which comes with electronic shifting and is 20 euros a day more), and waited for instructions.

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